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Since being called to preach the Gospel in 1979 her entire life has consisted of fulfilling such a destiny in many capacities. She and her husband of over 40 years are the Senior Pastors of Liberty Christian Center-Monroe (for over 35 years) and the founders and overseers of both Liberty Christian Center Southeast and of Ruston.  Dr. Pamela has served as the Director of Liberty School of Ministry and Bible Institute of which hundreds of 5-fold ministry gifts have sat under the tutelage and instruction of her and Apostle Johnny to be taught, trained, molded, and shaped into powerful men and women of God.

One of her most prized accomplishments Excelsior Christian Academy which was first known as Southside Christian Academy, was a school for African American young men of whom many had given up on, but today, as a result of her desire to see lives changed and transformed, are living successful lives, some being college graduates. As the Director of Excelsior Christian Academy, she and Apostle Johnny were the first in the southern region to successfully operate and maintain a school of such caliber; many deemed it to have never been done. But they did it and they were just getting started!  A portion of her life’s work in ministry has afforded her the opportunity to travel abroad to Ghana, Africa as well as self-publish as an Indi author her first book, Are You Plugged In? Continuing in her passion to be a blessing to others as an entrepreneur she launched Kid R Us Learning Academy and a Child Development Center, which serviced parents of babies and toddlers. Pamela’s life quest has been selflessly dedicated to the purpose and goal of transforming and enhancing the lives of others; we can definitely say that she is doing just that.

Success is to turn out the way God intended


Apostle Johnny & Dr. Pamela Drumgole

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